College fairs and college admissions rep high school visits are a great opportunity for you to connect with schools you are interested in, learn about schools you don’t know much about, and refine your college list. 

In the fall, college admissions reps travel to their assigned states and regions to connect with potential applicants. College admissions reps may present at local college fairs and/or make visits to high schools to connect with small groups of students interested in their school.

Be sure to check in with your school counselor early on in the school year to see whether there are any upcoming local college fairs or any college admissions reps who have scheduled to meet with interested students at your high school. Attending these events helps you to learn more about the college, connect with your region’s assigned admissions counselor, and demonstrate interest. Put these events on your calendar, and, if you will need to miss any classes in order to attend, be sure to give the teachers whose classes you will miss plenty of advance notice. 

You can also check college websites to see whether the admissions rep will be in your area, and/or email your rep to find out whether they will be presenting at a college fair near you or at your high school. 

The College Board has developed a list of “20 Questions to Ask College Representatives” and has put together a guide to “How to Get the Most Out of a College Fair.” Click here for these resources.

During the pandemic, many college fairs have shifted to a virtual format. Virtual college fairs typically include opportunities for students to attend panels or workshops as well as to conduct individual visits with admissions reps from a variety of schools.

For All Students: 

The National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC) is hosting a series of virtual college fairs this fall, including general “Signature Fairs” as well as fairs that focus on a particular region or academic interests. Colleges attending each fair as listed, and there are dozens of general and school-specific live sessions being held at each fair. 

  • September 12: Signature Fair
  • September 28: Northeastern US Fair
  • October 3: Signature Fair
  • October 14: Midwest US Fair
  • October 24: Signature Fair
  • November 2: Arts & STEM Fair
  • November 14: Signature Fair

For Performing Arts Students:

The Music Admissions Roundtable is hosting three virtual Performing Arts College Fairs. 

  • Sunday, September 26: 3 PM ET Panel Discussion, 4-6 PM ET College Fair
  • Tuesday, October 19: 8 AM ET Panel Discussion, 9-11 AM ET College Fair 
  • Wednesday, November 10: 7 PM ET Panel Discussion, 8-10 PM ET College Fair

Whether you are considering a major or a minor in performing arts, please read more information here, and plan to attend at least one of the fairs. The list of schools that participated last year is available – the link will be updated for this year’s fairs as the dates approach.