The Major

This week’s featured program is the Agricultural Communications Major at Oklahoma State University. From the website:

What is agricultural communications?

The agricultural communications major includes courses in communications and agriculture. You will become a well-rounded professional, ready for a career in writing, advertising, public relations, web content management, photography, social media or video production.

Why agricultural communications at OSU?

Today’s fast-paced, consumer-driven society requires accurate, timely communication between agricultural leaders and the public. By choosing a degree in agricultural communications, you will study in one of the nation’s best programs and learn from award-winning faculty members with industry experience who are devoted to students and their successes.

Students enrolled in the major take coursework focused specifically on agricultural communications as well as courses in agricultural sciences and natural resources designed to build their background knowledge. 

Two Interesting Courses

AGCM 3503 Issues Management and Crisis Communications in Agriculture and Natural Resources

Theoretical perspectives and practical applications of issues management, crisis management, and crisis communications principles. Development of knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary for identifying and managing issues faced by organizations; leading organizations through crises; and communicating before, during and after crisis.

FDSC 2102 Regional Diversity in Food Production, Selection and ConsumptionExamines the diversity of people associated with food production, selection, and consumption in the United States. Evaluate the cultural diversity in food production workplace and economic and social factors that influence this diversity. Examine various food selection and consumption criteria of varying contemporary cultures based on economic, social, and religious considerations

Five Possible Complementary/Minors at Oklahoma State University

Unique Opportunities within the Major

Students majoring in Agricultural Communications produce the Cowboy Journal, the official magazine of the Ferguson College of Agriculture, during their senior capstone class:

AGCM 4413 Agricultural Communications CapstoneThe development of an agricultural magazine through advanced feature writing and editing, page layout, graphic design, photography, and sponsor communications as well as an understanding of the printing process. 

The Ferguson College of Agriculture offers multiple study abroad travel courses, including one to the Czech Republic specifically under the auspices of the Department of Agricultural Education, Communications and Leadership.

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