The Major

This week’s featured program is the App Development Major at Champlain College. From the website:

App Development is at the intersection of software development, business, and design. Apps are critical to the customer experience and to almost every organization’s success. The need for skilled app developers is still growing, providing unprecedented opportunity to build a career in this exciting field.

Students enrolled in the major begin to build proficiency in Python in their first year and go on to learn app development for both Android and iOS systems, applying their learning in app project and capstone courses in their final years.  

Two Interesting Courses

CSI 120 Introduction to Mobile & Web Development

Students will gain a foundational understanding of the software, hardware, and systems of mobile computing. A survey of current mobile platforms and an introduction to mobile Web programming provides strong insight into the challenges and opportunities for mobile application developers. Case studies of how mobile computing has invigorated social networks, re-written business models, and connected people across the globe are addressed in this course.

CSI 318 iOS Development

This course will provide students a broad introduction to programming for iOS in the context of developing apps for Apple mobile platforms (e.g. iPhone, iPad). Students will gain experience developing native apps using Swift, Interface Builder, and the iOS SDK. Peripheral topics, including networking, security, and accessibility, are also covered.

Five Possible Complementary Minors at Champlain College

Unique Opportunities within the Major

From the App Development Curriculum description: 

In Champlain’s App Development major, you’re not filling your first year or two with general education requirements; you can get started learning what you love right away. The early experience you gain in our Upside-Down Curriculum sets you up to take on cool internships earlier than students in most colleges—and that sets you up for even cooler jobs after graduation.

More information on internships at Champlain. 

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