The Certificate

This week’s featured program is the Certificate in Applied Theater for Health at the University of Florida. From the website:

The Undergraduate Certificate in Applied Theatre for Community Health will recognize students’ academic achievement and practical competency in the use of the applied theatre to enhance individual and community health and to impact healthcare environments. Students who complete the coursework for the certificate will be introduced to history and practices in the field of applied theatre and will explore utilizing theatre in the healthcare environment as well as developing their own applied theatre practice in a community health setting.

Students who fulfill the requirements for the Undergraduate Certificate in Applied Theatre for Community Health will gain unique life experience and skills. This certificate, recognizing these special skills, can serve as a credential for developing post-baccalaureate educational pathways and career options. Students with an interest in working in education, theatre, journalism, mental health counseling, social justice, community non-profits, women’s studies, and health care settings will find this certificate valuable to their career paths.

Students enrolled in the certificate program complete four required courses. 

Two Interesting Courses

HUM 2592 Introduction to the Arts in Medicine in a Global Context

This course explores the field of arts in health and the links between the creative and healing arts, focusing on the many ways that the arts can be used to enhance health and wellbeing in healthcare or community settings. It includes studio workshops, lecture/discussion, video viewing, readings, homework assignments and a group project.

HUM 3599 Applied Theater for Health: Theory & Practice

Students will immerse themselves in the world of applied theatre for health education, community development, and social change. By investigating the work of revolutionary artists, as well as contemporary applied theatre practitioners, students will develop an understanding of how theatre can be a catalyst for discussion, change, and health promotion.

Five Possible Complementary Majors at the University of Florida

Unique Opportunities Within the Certificate 

The Certificate for Theater in Applied Health is one of the academic programs offered through the University of Florida’s Center for Arts in Medicine. Given the Certificate’s home in the Center, students have access to faculty and peers focusing on various intersections of the arts and health, including ongoing research

All students pursuing the certificate program are required to take HUM 3598L Applied Theater for Health II: Collective Creation Lab:

Students will apply the knowledge they’ve acquired in Applied Theatre for Health I to create an original project or workshop on a health topic of their choosing. With a focus on collaboration, students will research, develop, and conduct theatre for health workshops in partnership with a community or campus organization.

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