The Major/Minor

This week’s featured program is the Entomology Major and Minor at The Ohio State University. From the website: 

This major couples a strong background in the biological sciences with in-depth study of insect biology and applied entomology. Students learn insect physiology, behavior, ecology, taxonomy and systematics, toxicology, as well as beekeeping, veterinary and public health entomology, sustainable agriculture, and integrated pest management in agricultural, forest, and urban environments. There are opportunities for students to specialize in these areas and many opportunities for laboratory and field research experiences and internships.

Students enrolled in the major choose from one of four tracks: Sustainable Insect Management, Insects in Human and Veterinary Medicine, Insect Ecology and Conservation, or Individualized Insect Studies. 

Two Interesting Courses

ENTMLGY 2101 – Insects and Human Affairs: Pests, Plagues, Poisons and Politics

Insects are a daily fact of life, exerting major influence on human affairs over the course of history. The course analyses the extensive and sometimes uncomfortable relationships between insects and humans, including historical roots of insect/human interactions, impact of insects on development of scientific thought, use of insects as experimental models in drug design and military applications.

ENTMLGY 5150 – Pollinator Biology and Conservation

This course explores the biology and conservation of animal (primarily insect) pollinators of plants. Special focus will be given to economically important insect pollinators (e.g., bees, moths, flies and beetles).

Five Possible Complementary Majors/Minors at The Ohio State University

Unique Opportunities within the Major/Minor

All students enrolled in the major are required to have an internship, and students can also engage outside the classroom via Chrysalis, the undergraduate entomology club. Additionally:

Entomology students may take exciting summer field courses at The Ohio State University’s “Island Campus,” Stone Laboratory, located on Gibraltar Island in Lake Erie’s Put-in-Bay Harbor. 

Students also have opportunities to gain hands-on entomological experience through volunteer or paid positions in Ohio State’s Museum of Biological Diversity, home to the C.A. Triplehorn Insect Collection, which is ranked among the top university collections in North America.  Students can also gain experience in caring for live arthropods at the insectary, located within our rooftop greenhouses. 

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