The Major

This week’s feature is the Food Studies Major at the University of Arizona. From the website:

Are you passionate about food? Do you want to understand the social, political, environmental, and cultural dimensions of food? A degree in Food Studies prepares students to address pressing social and environmental problems in our food systems.

All students in the major take a set of seven core courses, including a capstone. Students also choose one of several methods courses and then take electives across three thematic areas: 

  • Food, Society, and Culture 
  • Global Food Policy, Governance, and Environment
  • Leadership and Community Engagement

Two interesting Courses

FOOD 300: Food Justice, Ethics, & Activism

Students in this course will explore cultural, environmental, and ethical disputes around food production, distribution, and consumption, including local and global food (in)security, the role of food in cultural preservation and revitalization, and approaches to sustainable food production (including traditional/indigenous).

FOOD 360: Food Fights: Debates about the Future of Food

This course explores contemporary debates about the future of food. Students will learn about food systems and apply different lines of inquiry to understand the social and environmental impacts of various food practices and technologies. Questions we will consider include: Should we eat meat? How will robots, drone bees, and other technologies transform our food system? What does the future of farming and farm labor look like? What are the environmental and social implications of new food products such as lab-grown meats? Will genetically modified organisms (GMOs) help us to feed a global population of 10 billion people? Students will learn from diverse voices and multiple disciplinary perspectives to examine and debate these questions in both written and oral formats.

Five Possible Complementary Minors at the University of Arizona

Unique Opportunities within the Major

Several study abroad programs are available for Food Studies students, including in Rome, Italy, and in Oaxaca, Mexico.  

Sample Similar Programs