The Major

This week’s featured program is the History Major with a Hip Hop Studies Concentration at North Carolina Central University. From the website:

The Hip Hop concentration provides students with a solid introduction and broad understanding of the origins and developing of the forms of expression that make up hip-hop cultures throughout the world: hip-hop dance, geography, psychology, mass communications, english, rap music, graffiti/tagging, fashion, business, and film. The concentration introduces students to the main themes represented in hip-hop cultures: appropriation and defense of spaces, mixing of different cultures, migrations, multilingualism, race, class, gender, religions, sexuality, nationality, politics and the economy, and, the search for identity. 

Students pursuing the concentration in Hip Hop Studies fulfill general requirements for the History Major and then take two required courses and three electives.

Two Interesting Courses

HIST 2310 – History of Hip Hop (Comprehensive)

Hip Hop History examines the cultural phenomenon through its development, history, communication style, dance form, music, and artistic process.  Throughout the course students will explore the dynamics of race, gender, youth, and class.  The course will employ various sources for analysis and information including:  videos, commercials, movies, songs and other multimedia sources.

GEOG 3600 – Geography of Hip-Hop 

The Geography of Hip-Hop will present the history of hip-hop while exploring the various geographic elements pertaining to its worldwide impact and examine the major economic, social and cultural spatial variations that exist within the industry and lifestyle.

Five Possible Complementary Minors at North Carolina Central University

Unique Opportunities within the Major

The History of Hip-Hop class is taught by famous music producer Patrick Douthit, also known as 9th Wonder

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