The Major

This week’s featured program is the Information Graphics/Publication Design Major at Ohio University. From the website:

The Information Graphics/Publication Design sequence tells stories through design, typography and infographics with the goal of creating dynamic and engaging publications that are online, in tablet form, or in print. Graduates of this sequence work as publication designers across multiple platforms, information and infographic designers, corporate public relations communications designers, and art, creative and communications directors.

Students enrolled in the major take coursework in visual communication, art, communication law, communication writing, visual history, information design/illustration, and visual problem-solving.

Two Interesting Courses

VICO 3111 – Design II: Informational Graphics

The visual presentation of quantitative and spatial information. This course examines the planning, design, and production of charts, graphs, diagrams, and maps for both print and electronic publication.

JOUR 4300 – Magazine Editing and Production

Theory and techniques of magazine editing and production, including analysis of magazine industry and of specific magazines and audiences they serve. Editorial objectives and formulas, issue planning, article selection, layout, illustration, typography, printing, and distribution.

Five Possible Complementary Minors/Certificates at Ohio University

Unique Opportunities within the Major

Students are required to complete an internship:

One advisor-approved internship is required for the degree in Visual Communication. Internships should be approximately 400 hours of paid and supervised work in your field. Many students have more than one internship experience prior to graduation. Additionally, VisCom alumni have had successful careers in the industry in a variety of capacities and have worked and interned for a variety of companies, including Abercrombie & Fitch, The Los Angeles Times, National Geographic, The Washington Post, Walt Disney Corporation, MTV, SBC Advertising, DSW, ScrollMotion, and The White House.

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