The Major and Minor

This week’s featured program is the Intelligence Studies Major and Minor at Fayetteville State University. From the website: 

Why Choose Intelligence Studies?

With applications in government, military, and business functions, intelligence and related security studies have become critical aspects of the expanding interrelationship between nations, societies, and peoples. We can help you prepare for a career in Intelligence Studies.

What Will You Learn?

Our department provides a variety of courses related to intelligence studies. Here are some examples: law enforcement intelligence, corporate intelligence, intelligence and military operations, the history of intelligence, ethics and intelligence, anthropological issues in intelligence, strategic intelligence issues, emerging international security threats, international terrorism, and national security policy.

Students enrolled in the major take a five-course core plus six elective courses in Intelligence Studies, and round out the major with two History/Political Science electives, one Statistics elective, two Computer Skills electives, two Area Studies electives, and two Foreign Language courses. 

Two Interesting Courses

INTL 210 – Introduction to Intelligence Analysis

Research, Methods and Writing: This specialized course concentrates on the analytical production of strategic intelligence and serves as an introduction to the craft of intelligence analysis.

INTL 440 – Emerging International Security Threats

This course surveys a suite of emerging international threats which pose serious security risks to international development, stability and progress. The purpose is to assess the future international security environment in order to help develop government policy, strategy and plans for dealing with emerging security threats like genocide; organized crime; narcotics trade; human trafficking; weapons proliferation; environmental, energy, health and financial perils; regional issues; and other related topics.

Five Possible Complementary Majors or Minors at Fayetteville State University

Unique Opportunities within the Major/Minor

Fayetteville State University is home to a chapter of the Order of the Sword & Shield, the academic and professional honor society for all homeland security disciplines. 

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