The Major

This week’s featured program is the Language and International Health Major at Clemson University. From the website:

The program is jointly administered by departments in two Clemson colleges — the Department of Languages in the College of Architecture, Arts and Humanities and the Department of Public Health Sciences in the College of Behavioral, Social and Health Sciences. This collaborative program offers you an immersive education in both language and public health. You are fully engaged in both fields of study from your very first semester.

In public health classes, you’ll study theory and practice, including the history and philosophy of public health and medicine; the organization, management and financing of health services; and the social and behavioral aspects of health, epidemiology, health evaluation methods and health communications. In language studies, you’ll gain communicative competence in Chinese, French or Spanish and an understanding of the peoples, cultures, literatures, technical language, health environments and multicultural issues associated with your target language. 

All students spend a semester abroad in a country where their target language is spoken. You will take language-intensive courses and complete an internship in a health care setting, such as a public or private hospital, physical or occupational therapy clinic or a community health center, to name just a few locations.

Two Interesting Courses

(Well, actually four courses, so you can see what the introductory language courses that bridge the language and health divide look like in each language.)

CHIN 3170 – Chinese for Health Professionals I

Study of medical concepts and terminology emphasizing communicative competence in health-related settings in a Chinese-speaking community. Designed for students who plan to work in public health related professions.

FR 3180 – French for Health Professionals I

Medical concepts and terminology in French. This course is designed for students who plan to work in the health care professions.

SPAN 3150 – Spanish for Health Professionals

Medical concepts and terminology in Spanish; designed for students who plan to work in professions related to public health care.

HLTH 4700 – Global Health

Deepens students’ knowledge of global health and how public health work is conducted internationally. Introduction to assessment of international health needs and designing, implementing, managing, and evaluating public health programs in international settings.

Five Possible Complementary Minors at Clemson University

Unique Opportunities within the Major/Minor

All students in the major spend a semester abroad, using their target language, taking coursework, and completing a healthcare internship.

Sample Similar Programs