The Major 

This week’s featured program is the Luxury Brand Marketing and Management Major at Susquehanna University. From the website:

Luxury brands are unique — and so is our luxury brand marketing and management major, the only bachelor’s degree program in the U.S.

Through our strong alumni connections, you’ll be able to land first-rate internships at prestigious brands like Lamborghini, Tesla, Coach and Tiffany. Journey to luxury brand capitals like London, Rome, Paris and Milan through our award-winning GO program.

Consumers of luxury brands are purchasing more than a product — they’re buying a symbol of success or a lifestyle that includes purchasing art, automobiles, beauty products, fashion and accessories, jewelry, real estate, travel, well-being and wine and spirits. This growing industry depends on brand managers and marketers who can help sell their lavish image. We’ll prepare you to step confidently into the high-end job market, knowing the marketing needs and consumer relationship management that’s vital to keeping premium and luxury brands on top in a fiercely competitive market.

Students enrolled in the major take business foundation courses plus five required and one elective course within the Luxury Brand Marketing and Management area of focus. Students not enrolled in the major can choose to minor in marketing and focus coursework in the area of luxury brand marketing. 

Two Interesting Courses

LBMM-216 Introduction to Luxury Brand Marketing and Management

This course covers the history of luxury brands through the facets of luxury today. It explores how brand equity is created, pricing strategies, the distribution of luxury goods, and various business models for luxury goods.

LBMM-385 Retail and Visual Merchandising

This course covers the various aspects of retail and visual merchandising operations and the role of creativity in the context of luxury industry. Students will explore concepts, theories, and research on retail and visual merchandising and apply that knowledge to real-life examples and class projects.

Five Possible Complementary Minors at Susquehanna University

Unique Opportunities within the Major

Students can take advantage of Susquehanna’s Sigmund Weis School of Business semester abroad program in London. Students take business courses, courses focused on British history and culture, and complete a 10-week internship.  

Sample Similar Programs

While there are graduate programs in this field, and courses offered at the undergraduate level at other institutions, Susquehanna University is the only school in the United States that offers an undergraduate degree in this field.