The Major and Minor

This week’s featured program is the Esports and Gaming Major and Minor at the University of New Haven. From the website:

Ready to find your way in a multibillion-dollar industry?

We have created a unique program that enables you to gain a well-rounded, holistic, and pertinent education in the world of esports and gaming. We will prepare you to excel in this ever-evolving industry, which comprises game publishers, athletes, coaches, trainers, publicists, broadcasters, the media platforms the games are streamed on, brands that sponsor the teams, and, of course, the fans.

Our academic partnerships with major esports and gaming entities such as Twitch and HyperX ensure that you’re at the cutting edge of industry trends and learning. Since new technologies and games are always just around the corner, the industry requires people who can think critically and anticipate future cultural, business, and technological changes and opportunities. That’s you.

Students enrolled in the major take the Esports and Gaming core and also choose from three different concentrations: Corruption and Gambling, Game Studies, or Esports Performance and Health. Students interested in pursuing esports via a business angle can major in Business Management and pursue the Esports Management Concentration

Two Interesting Courses

ECON 3312 – Governance and Regulatory Environment of Esports and Gaming

This course prepares students to understand the need for esports and gaming institutional mechanisms, such as policies, procedures, and regulations, as well as governance organizations. Students will become familiar with the mission, structure, and function of firms and private and public governing organizations as well as the legal challenges and opportunities associated with esports and the gaming industry. Students will also explore and become familiar with certain topics and issues related to ethics and integrity, intellectual property, privacy and personally identifiable information, public health, and taxation. By the end of the course, students should be able to evaluate critical issues related to esports and gaming, including whether or not standards and other governance mechanisms should be implemented and the implications associated with such governance mechanisms, as well as intellectual property matters.

INVS 4503 – Cheating and Fixing in Esports

Students will learn the methods, motivations, and manners of the corruptors from the world’s leading expert in organized crime in sports and also from players and officials who were caught up in the corruption. Students will examine topics from performance enhanced doping, technical cheating, and match-fixing linked with organized crime. Students will also learn how to prevent these criminal actors from destroying the games in esports.

Five Possible Complementary Majors and Minors at the University of New Haven

Unique Opportunities within the Major and Minor

The University of New Haven is home to The Stable, an esports space that is used for classes and by the Varsity and JV ESports teams. Students who want to engage in competitive gaming, but not at the varsity or junior varsity level, can participate in the Charger eSports Club. The program’s academic partnerships with industry leaders bring both learning and networking opportunities to students.  

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