The Major/Minor

This week’s featured program is the Major and Minor in Outdoor Products at Oregon State University Cascades. From the website:

The Bachelor of Science in Outdoor Products will prepare you for a career in the outdoor industry. Leaders in the industry are looking to hire innovators who champion responsible systems approach to product commercialization with respect for our natural world.

In this interdisciplinary degree, you’ll study design, engineering, natural resources, outdoor recreation, sustainability, and business with expert faculty who have experience in research, industry and public agencies.

You’ll study the full life cycle of a product, with courses that span from concept creation and design to commercialization to end-of-life. From resource management to outdoor leadership to sustainability, the program’s course of study emphasizes environmental stewardship and corporate responsibility.

Practicums, internships and capstone projects are part of the core curriculum. This is where personalization of your degree takes shape. Whether your dream career is in Bend, Bellingham, or Burlington, we’ll work together to help coordinate your experiential learning opportunities with local and global outdoor industry partners.

Students enrolled in the major take courses in the following categories: Skills and Support; Systems Approach Toward Commercialization; Impact, Access and Social Justice; History and Ethics; and Experiential Learning. 

Two Interesting Courses


Hands-on experience with multiple winter-related outdoor products in classroom and outdoor settings. Identifying key characteristics for consumers and implications for design, development, marketing, business, and sustainability. Evaluating product performance and developing ideas for objective improvements. Includes one mandatory weekend outdoor-experience outing.


History, evolution, and theoretical underpinning of outdoor and adventure professions as an important and evolving feature of Western culture within the United States and beyond. Influential ideas, paradigm shifts, events, and developments that have led to professionalism, institutionalization, dissemination, and impact on other subject areas and professions. Impact of other cultures on current state of the professions.

Five Possible Complementary Majors/Minors at Oregon State University Cascades

Unique Opportunities within the Major/Minor

All students enrolled in the major complete one or more internships:

The Outdoor Products Internship is an opportunity for each and every outdoor products major to customize their academic experience. Whether it be designing fly-fishing gear in the Rockies or modeling logistics solutions with international brands, the internship is an open path to explore and confirm the student’s passion for the outdoors.

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