The Major and Minor

This week’s featured program is the Business of Beauty and Fragrance Major and the Fragrance Marketing and Management Minor at SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design). From the website:

Get primed to be a power player in the business of beauty and fragrance. SCAD pioneered this in-demand program with input from key industry leaders. Guided by faculty with international experience at prestigious houses, you’ll develop packaging, engage modern consumers, maximize financial outcomes, work with other creatives, and even plan and launch your own new brand for the marketplace. With in-depth knowledge of aesthetics, style, cosmetics, fragrance, and adornment, you’ll be empowered to find your niche within both boutique and global brands, and as a self-made entrepreneur.

Students enrolled in the major take the Foundation Studies courses required of all SCAD majors prior to diving into their major coursework. While SCAD has campuses in both Savannah and Atlanta, this particular major and minor are only offered at the Savannah campus. 

Two Interesting Courses

BEAU 210 – Beauty and Fragrance through the Ages

Used to enhance, alter, conceal or even disguise, the application of make-up and fragrance is one of the world’s oldest social practices. From war paint and rouge to perfume and Venetian ceruse, the history of beauty and fragrance as well as the rise of this global industry are intricately tied to political, cultural and historical contexts. In this course, students learn how cultural and historical beauty rituals and conventions continue to influence and drive contemporary business practices and social norms.

BEAU 330 – Beauty and Fragrance New Product Launch

Successful brands transform beauty and fragrance consumers into loyal customers through unmistakable brand identity. In this course, students delve into an existing brand to identify an opportunity for growth and expansion through a new product launch. Focusing on marketing, pricing, branding, packaging, distribution and more, students design a comprehensive strategy to support a successful product launch and establish metrics to assess profitability.

Five Possible Complementary Majors/Minors at SCAD

Unique Opportunities within the Major

Students take a two-course sequence that walks them through developing and launching an original product:

BEAU 430 – Collection I: Business Framework and Model

Focusing on a unique entrepreneurial opportunity within the beauty and fragrance industry, students develop a comprehensive business model based on research and analysis of the global marketplace. From brand strategy to operating guidelines, students cultivate the framework for development and launch of an original product line.

BEAU 440 – Collection II: Branding and Launch

Building on a solid framework informed by research and analysis, students develop, launch and market an original beauty and fragrance product line that delivers a unique value proposition. Students prepare for their brand launch with an omni-channel marketing plan that includes a collection of branded collateral and packaging, the identification of retail partners and brand loyalty strategies.

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