The Minor

This week’s featured program is the Minor in Southern Studies at the College of Charleston. From the website:

The minor in Southern Studies provides an interdisciplinary study of the southern United States and its history, culture, and significance. Students in the minor will gain a fuller understanding of the ways in which the region has been interpreted and continues to be interpreted. The minor showcases the College’s rich curriculum of courses that approach the study of the South from multiple disciplines and also from local, national, and international perspectives.

All students enrolled in the minor choose from one of three foundation courses and then select electives to round out the coursework for the minor.

Two Interesting Courses

SOST 241 Studying Southern Cultures and Literature

This course explores the dynamic and diverse cultures of the U. S. South as reflected in works by Southern writers, and in other artifacts and cultural traditions from the pre-colonial era through the 21st-century Anthropocene. Through readings, class discussions, experiential learning, and guest presentations, students explore the region’s music, landscapes, art, foodways, and other cultural traditions, as well as different disciplinary contributions to our understanding of the region. 8 or more writers are included, with four or more studied in depth. A major research project analyzes one or more literary texts and their cultural contexts. 

HIST 323 Society and Culture of Early Charleston

Topics in American social history studied through a focus on society and culture in 18th- and early 19th-century Charleston. Topics include immigrant groups, demography, mortality, economic and social structure, urban and plantation life, slavery, the role of women, education, religion, fine arts, architecture and decorative arts.

Five Possible Complementary Majors at the College of Charleston

Unique Opportunities within the Minor

Students enrolled in the minor take SOST 400, the Southern Studies Capstone Project:

This course makes connections between courses students have taken for the minor from different disciplines. Students reviews prior coursework and select one previously submitted project to enrich by integrating skills and knowledge acquired in other courses. Revised projects are uploaded to the program archive and are eligible for an award.

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