The Minor

This week’s featured program is the Art of Science/Science of Art Minor at the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT). From the website:

Explore the impact of art on science and science on art along with the synergistic overlaps between the two. Specifically, students learn how art and design can be applied in good scientific practice and how the sciences impact the materials, processes, and ultimate perceptual enjoyment of the visual arts.

Students enrolled in the minor take an Integrative Seminar; one course each in Sciences, Arts, and Humanities; and two electives.

Two Interesting Courses

CLRS-101 Art of Science of Art

Art of Science of Art is a weekly forum in which students will be introduced to and discuss historical and current topics relating art and science with one another. Examples might include understanding human perception of the world in comparison with artistic renderings, the effects of lighting on the permanence and appearance of artwork, the creation of artists’ materials (e.g. the science of pigments), and art conservation/restoration in the physical and digital domains. This seminar provides an introductory and over-arching context for students in the Art of Science / Science of Art minor. It focuses on journal club discussions of readings selected by the students and faculty. It also includes oral presentations from students and faculty as well as visiting speakers from within and external to RIT. Students will complete oral presentations and written assignments based on the course readings and independent research.

CLRS-201 Color Science for the Visual Arts

Color has been a topic of intense interest and inquiry for thousands of years. Knowledge of color science can be an aid to visual artists and those who study the visual arts such as art historians and conservators. Topics include the building blocks of color, seeing color, producing color, displaying color, reproducing color, and conserving color.

Five Possible Complementary Majors at RIT

Unique Opportunities within the Minor

The minor is housed within RIT’s Integrated Sciences Academy, the “innovative home to multidisciplinary and cross-disciplinary academic and research programs in the College of Science at RIT.” The College of Science is also home to the Munsell Color Science Laboratory and the Program of Color Science.

Sample Similar Programs

While other colleges offer coursework or programs that link science and art, this minor is unique!