The Major

This week’s featured program is the Motorsports Engineering Major at the Purdue School of Engineering and Technology at IUPUI (Indiana University – Purdue University Indianapolis). From the website: 

Fueled by a love of cars, engines, and making things run? How about racing or aerodynamics?  The Motorsports Engineering Program at IUPUI may be the perfect fit for you. The perfect blend of engineering curriculum plus vehicle dynamics, aerodynamics, data acquisition, and other motorsports-specific courses, Motorsports Engineering at IUPUI offers students a Purdue University engineering degree—right in the heart of the racing capital of the world.

Students can pursue the Motorsports Engineering BS (128 credit hours, 8 semesters) or the dual degree in Mechanical Engineering and Motorsports Engineering (154 credit hours, 10 semesters). Students take foundation courses, including Introduction to Motorsports and the Business of Motorsports, before diving deeper into coursework focused on Motorsports Engineering.

Two Interesting Courses

MSTE 21700 Motorsports Practicum I 

MSTE 31700 Motorsports Practicum II

MSTE 41700 Motorsports Practicum III

MSTE 41800 Advanced Motorsports Practicum

Note: Each version of this course builds on skills learned in the previous version of the course.

This course engages students in a hands-on experiential learning opportunity in which they participate in the design, fabrication, assembly, and preparation of a race vehicle just as they might when engaged with a race team in the motorsports industry.  

MSTE 33100 Race Engineering 

This course explores the application of vehicle dynamics principles to motorsport vehicles. Students will utilize engineering software tools to develop motorsport engineering workbooks for vehicle performance analysis. Driver performance analysis and race strategy topics are introduced to provide the student with the full fundamentals of race engineering.

Five Possible Complementary Minors:

Due to the requirements for the major, students do not have space in their schedule to pursue a minor. 

Unique Opportunities within the Major

From the website:

There are no other university programs in the nation which train graduate and undergraduate students specifically for careers in the motorsports industry through design, fabrication, assembly, and competition of actual racing vehicles. IUPUI is uniquely placed to offer both graduate and undergraduate studies in motorsports. Our Motorsports Program has access privileges to the Indycar Factory, a world-class Speedway, real racing cars, and the annual world-renowned Indy 500 race event in the city – all for the training, education, and professional development of our students.

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