The Minor

This week’s featured program is the Sneaker Design Minor at SCAD (The Savannah College of Art and Design). From the website:

From sportswear and street style to runway fashion and museum exhibitions, sneakers have transcended their primary function and made their mark as cultural commodities. In the sneaker design minor, students develop knowledge and skills in sketching, rendering, concept development, design, digital prototyping, and branding for luxury and high-performance sneakers. Working with leading-edge virtual-reality technology, students amplify possibilities for innovative and sustainable sneaker design and manufacturing. Students who complete the sneaker design minor emerge with a professional-quality portfolio that includes both physical and digital prototypes of original sneaker designs.

Two Interesting Courses

FASM 340 Marketing and Distribution for Footwear

While exploring product merchandising, marketing, and product launch in the footwear industry, students gain insight into the operating strategies at work in the marketplace. Through case studies, students analyze key competitors and suppliers, as well as the hallmarks of successful footwear product marketing and launches. At the culmination of the course, students create a launch campaign for their own product, including development of packaging, branding, and marketing strategy. 

SNKR 375 Making Sneakers: Design for Performance

Sneaker design is a rapidly expanding, highly specialized sector of the footwear market that requires knowledge of complex processes, innovative materials, and advanced design principles. Focusing on these requirements, students learn vocabulary, design techniques, and manufacturing processes relevant to current and future needs of the sneaker industry. Through a combination of 2D design projects and 3D physical products, students build a body of work that showcases a wide range of skills specifically targeted to this specialized sector of the market. 

Five Possible Complementary Majors at SCAD

Unique Opportunities within the Minor

Students in the minor emerge with a portfolio of both digital and physical sneaker designs. 

Sample Similar Programs