The Major

This week’s feature is the Strategic Political Communication Major at Drake University. According to the website:

Every four years, the eyes of the political world are on the Iowa Caucuses. Put yourself in the center of the action as a strategic political communication major.

You will gain the skills to communicate effectively within and through a complex media environment, enabling you to pursue a career in advocacy, political campaigns, government relations, and related fields.

Two Interesting Courses

JMC 88: Introduction to Strategic Political Communication

This course will provide an introduction to the practical understanding and application of modern strategic political communication in candidate and issues campaigns. Using the current media environment as a foundation, students will learn the strategies and tools needed to successfully advocate on behalf of a client in the political context. Students will also analyze the implications of ethical political campaign communication practice in a diverse society, and will understand the different careers in which political communication skills will be required, and how those skills vary depending on audience, client, and venue. Coursework includes the original assessment of communication strategies employed in a contemporary political campaign, ballot initiative, or issue.

POLS 116: Media And Modern Politics

Examination of the impact of the mass media, especially television, on American politics. Exploration of how the organization and broadcast patterns of the media affect political change. Focus on how these patterns affect the public, the president and Congress.

Five Possible Complementary Minors at Drake University

Unique Opportunities within the Major

Drake’s location in Iowa, and in Iowa’s capital city, provides unique opportunities in strategic political communication at both the state and national levels. According to the website:

There is no better place in the country to build your résumé for a career in advocacy, political campaigns, government relations, and related fields. When you study strategic political communication at Drake, you can take advantage of myriad opportunities for on-the-ground learning provided by life in a capital city, the political climate of a consistent swing state in national elections, and the unique impact the Iowa caucuses have on all races in Iowa. Every four years, the eyes of the world are on Iowa as the presidential campaign kicks off here, and students have a front-row seat as interns for political parties and candidates, media organizations, and documentary filmmakers.

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