I believe that every student and family deserves access to the critical information that drives the college application, financial aid, and college admissions processes. I seek to bring as much transparency as possible to the process for my students and their families, empowering them to make informed choices.

I also seek to reduce stress in the application process by supporting students and families in breaking up the process into manageable chunks, providing timely information relevant to each piece of the process in turn.

I believe that I am only successful when my students are successful. I want each student to pursue their own unique interests, passions, and goals at a college that is a good fit for those interests, passions, and goals.

To that end, I ask for and expect my students to engage in reflective processes that help them learn more about themselves, allowing them to move forward with increased confidence, putting their best foot forward in the admissions process.

I see myself as part of each student’s “team” along with parents/guardians, the school counselor, teachers, and other people important in the student’s life. This teamwork serves to lift each student up and guide them confidently toward their future.