“Working with Vivian is one of the very best decisions we have made with our son. College is expensive and this comparatively small investment is worth every penny. The relationship our son has with Vivian helped build his independence and confidence. My husband and I felt very comfortable stepping back from the process because we trusted her completely. This is because Vivian is professional, knowledgeable and she pushes these kids in a kind (but direct) way to do their best in the college search. Hiring her decreased our stress significantly and our son got into colleges which are a great fit for him. If you are looking for support in this process, look no further!!”

Sara C.


Vivian was great to work with! She did a great job explaining difficult topics throughout the process. We felt like she did an amazing job working with our daughter to help her research and build a diverse college list and then helping her navigate the best way to make a decision on a college that was right for her and our family. I would highly recommend Vivian and her services were a great value!!”

Josh T.


“There are no words to describe how incredible it was to work with Vivian. Her kind and patient ways helped our son find his way in writing and the school that was a best fit for him. Her organization made the daunting tasks feel not so big. We couldn’t have done college without and we are so grateful! “

Holly G.


Vivian was incredibly helpful with every step of the process. She is exceptionally knowledgeable about every part of the application process. She always made time for our countless questions and had a lovely way of checking in to ensure that my daughter was being thorough and timely with her applications. I honestly can’t imagine how we could have navigated the college admissions process without Vivian’s knowledge, patience, support, and perspective.”

Susanne J.


Vivian helped my family navigate the college process beautifully and we are so happy we hired her to assist us! From the beginning, Vivian helped us sort through what felt like mountains of information and broke it into manageable chunks so it didn’t feel so overwhelming. Our daughter felt fully supported with Vivian at her side as she made choices about where to apply and how to tackle the applications and essay writing in order to put her best foot forward.

Lani S.


“Vivian guided us through a very daunting and unfamiliar process. She tailored each parent and student meeting to our needs and patiently and thoughtfully explained everything in a way that we could all understand. From our first meeting, we were confident that, with her help and guidance, we would find the right college for our son.”

Stefani W. & Josh W.


“Vivian’s help was so critical for our family. My understanding of the application process was based mostly on my own experiences 25 years ago. Vivian helped my family and me see how much the process has changed. Without her guidance we really would have been lost. Vivian’s approach is warm and supportive with firm boundaries and clear tasks. She was able to adapt to our style and communication, while supporting our daughter’s autonomy and independence. Vivian was particularly helpful in guiding us through the financial aspects of the process and our daughter’s application for a degree in performing arts. I recommend Vivian to all families looking into the college admissions process.”

Harris M.